“Pixeldust Studios Reptopia Magic Leap Experience” by Andrade and Shool

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    Pixeldust Studios Reptopia Magic Leap Experience

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    Battle for Survival: Reptopia is an immersive augmented reality experience using the Magic Leap One device developed by Pixeldust Studios at Pixeldust Labs. Pixeldust Studios put together this pilot project for Mandai park development and the Singapore Zoo. This pilot ‘Battle for Survival: Reptopia’ experience was specifically designed to appeal to two key personas at the Zoo: The Indulgent Parent and The Educator. This Magic Leap experience deploys critical components of the magic leap experience and API like spatial 3d environments, spatial 3d audio, controller touch and trigger and head tracking. For purposes of a public experience, we deployed basic dependable and efficient features only, that would be user friendly and easy to adopt quickly for even a novice user of the headset.

    The experience is comprised of 5 stations/image-based triggers that will bring to life 5 unique immersive and interactive photoreal 3d habitat worlds in the middle of your room or table, that will showcase its species in action. The experience is narrated by a 3d host character “Icon” who is a panther chameleon. He will guide the user inside the AR exhibit, sometimes in person and at times as background voice. At each station, he will introduce one or two of the reptiles/amphibians by including a brief initial non-interactive storyline that the users can watch and listen and learn various crucial info on the critters including their special skills and hunting mechanisms. Next the users will be allowed to interact with some of these qualities for a couple minutes using the Magic Leap controller and finally they will get to play a fun immersive game for some stations. Below is a brief breakdown of each of the stations AR activities. Each station roughly takes about 3-7 minutes to complete.

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©Ricardo Andrade and Samar Shool ©Ricardo Andrade and Samar Shool ©Ricardo Andrade and Samar Shool ©Ricardo Andrade and Samar Shool ©Ricardo Andrade and Samar Shool ©Ricardo Andrade and Samar Shool ©Ricardo Andrade and Samar Shool

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