“Multi Mega Book in the Cave” by Fischnaller and Singh

  • ©Franz Fischnaller and Yesi Maharaj Singh

  • ©Franz Fischnaller and Yesi Maharaj Singh


Entry Number: 16


    Multi Mega Book in the Cave

Program Title:

    Electric Garden



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    The Multi Mega Book is an up-to-date electronic book sculpture – a magic and stimulating journey through some of the most intense moments of media, technology, science, architecture, culture. It was developed as a fully immersive interactive installation with high-resolution stereoscopic images.

    Users explore and freely experience the different dimensions of the 15th Century and the 20th Century through virtual reality, stereoscopic 3D sound, and holophonic effects that generate a magical interactive navigation technique.

    The past and the future converge on a unique, interactive, and navigable present as users walk, interact, and live in the revolutions of two very different eras: the Renaissance world and the cyber world, integrated in one unique environment.

    The ambiance of the 15th Century features Italian buildings of the epoch (the Tempietto, the Laurentian Library, the New Sacristy, the Campidoglio, Il duomo Santa Maria del Fiore, Palazzo Pitty, Loggia degli Uffizzi, etc.) integrated in one unique space. Sculptures extracted from their original context appear in imaginary squares. Paintings are displayed as gigantic scenery. Users explore the revival of the classics, the heliocentric theory, movable type, the printing press, and the printed book.


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