“Journey into the Brain” by Littman

  • ©Karen G. Littman

  • ©Karen G. Littman


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    Journey into the Brain

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    Electric Garden



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    Journey into the Brain is a story-based interactive CD-ROM funded by a research grant from the National Institute of Mental Health. It takes children between seven and 11 years of age on an adventure inside the most complex and mysterious organ of all: the human brain.

    It’s the year 2050, and something inside the brain of your best friend Celeste is causing her to act strangely. You must find out what it is and solve the mystery. Your guide and vehicle for this adventure is an advanced computer mouse that uses nanotechnology to shrink you for travel into Celeste’s brain.

    You collect bits of memory scattered throughout the various parts of the brain to solve the mystery. Twelve landscapes and twenty characters representing diverse facets of brain structure provide the backdrop and content for your journey. The program has three parts: a story/game, six activities, and a Brainarium filled with fascinating neuroscience material.

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