“MIDI Usage for Modeling and Animation in Houdini” by Chernyy and Mishurenko

  • ©Gordey V. Chernyy and Maria O. Mishurenko



    MIDI Usage for Modeling and Animation in Houdini



    The hands-on workshop for computer graphics professionals introduces the technique and practical implementation of the usage of MIDI devices in Side FX Houdini software as a relatively easy way to supercharge creative workflows. This technique can significantly improve speed and quality of modeling, animation, and creative iteration for Houdini professionals, especially technical artists, and game artists. It can also present the alternative to the random procedural asset generation or work in conjunction with it and improve results from procedural generators. The workshop covers the brief history of MIDI, practical advice on how to choose the appropriate controller for the specific design needs, and overview of built-in Houdini MIDI workflows and presents a customized approach for creating Houdini digital assets for MIDI mapping in Python.


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