“MetaLimbs: Multiple Arms Interaction Metamorphism” by Sasaki, Saraiji, Fernando, Minamizawa and Inami

  • ©Tomoya Sasaki, MHD Yamen Saraiji, Charith Lasantha Fernando, Kouta Minamizawa, and Masahiko Inami

  • ©Tomoya Sasaki, MHD Yamen Saraiji, Charith Lasantha Fernando, Kouta Minamizawa, and Masahiko Inami


Entry Number: 16


    MetaLimbs: Multiple Arms Interaction Metamorphism


Project Affiliation:

    Keio University


    This research proposes a novel interaction to alternate body scheme using artificial limbs substitution metamorphosis. In this work, two additional robotic arms are added to user’s body, and are substituted with the legs. Using this arms/legs substitution, arms count is expanded to four arms in total with voluntary control using legs motion mapping. Limbs control is achieved by tracking the global motion of legs and feet relative to torso, as well as local motion of toes. These data are mapped to the artificial limbs’ arms/hands motion and fingers gripping. Lastly, force feedback is added to the feet and mapped to manipulator’s touch sensors. Using this system, it is possible to perform difficult tasks normal body can not achieve alone, such as holding many objects simultaneously.

Other Information:


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