“Jennifer James, Celebrity Auto Spokesperson” by Hayes-Roth

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    Jennifer James, Celebrity Auto Spokesperson

Program Title:

    DIgital Pavilion

Presenter(s): Presenter(s):

Project Affiliation:

    Extempo Systems and AnimaTek


    Jennifer James is a consumer-friendly, intelligent, interactive 3D ex-NASCAR driver who greets visitors at a virtual auto show and engages them in a dynamically customized five- to ten- minute dialog. Through natural social conversation, Ms. James elicits and offers information as she matches visitors to vehicles suited to their lifestyles and preferences. During this sales process, she applies dialog, facial expressions, and animated gestures to establish a relationship between her sponsor and each visitor. Ms. James exemplifies a new generation of interactive characters who will offer consumers a familiar and compelling sales experience.

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©Barbara Hayes-Roth

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