“HoloWall: Interactive Digital Surfaces” by Rekimoto, Oka, Matsushita and Koike

  • ©Jun Rekimoto, Masaaki Oka, Nobuyuki Matsushita, and Hideki Koike


Entry Number: 10


    HoloWall: Interactive Digital Surfaces

Program Title:

    Enhanced Realities



Project Affiliation:

    Sony Corporation


    HoloWall is an interactive wall system that allows visitors to interact with digital information displayed on the wall surface without using any special pointing devices. The combination of infrared cameras and infrared lights installed behind the wall enables recognition of human bodies, hands,
    or any other physical objects that are close enough to the wall surface. Visitors can use both hands simultaneously. Body shape can also be an input to the system. HoloWall demonstrates several interactive environments, including a world of autonomous digital insects that respond to body movements and an interactive sound environment that reactively creates music sequences based on the user’s actions.


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