“HoloFight: An Augmented Reality Fighting Game” by Kohen, Elvezio and Feiner

  • ©Shalva Kohen, Carmine Elvezio, and Steven K. Feiner


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    HoloFight: An Augmented Reality Fighting Game

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    Immersive Gaming



    Augmented Reality (AR) provides opportunities to create exciting new kinds of digital entertainment, such as watching movies on a large virtual screen or playing games that interact with a real physical room. While a number of AR games have been built, many do not build on the control innovations found in modern console, PC, and mobile gaming [Von Itzstein et al. 2019]. To explore the space of immersive multiplayer experiences with support for control innovations found in common non-immersive video games, we present HoloFight, a multiplayer fighting game using two or more Microsoft HoloLens 2s, two or more Xbox controllers, and the various natural user interfaces supported by the Microsoft HoloLens 2.


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©Shalva Kohen, Carmine Elvezio, and Steven K. Feiner ©Shalva Kohen, Carmine Elvezio, and Steven K. Feiner ©Shalva Kohen, Carmine Elvezio, and Steven K. Feiner

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