“Agence” by Gagliano, Blustein and Oppenheim

  • ©Pietro Gagliano, Casey Blustein, and David Oppenheim


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    Immersive Gaming



    Agence is a short “dynamic film” that uses AI to power a real-time story. It was co-produced by Transitional Forms and the National Film Board of Canada (NFB). It is available on VR, PC and mobile, but for the purposes of this paper, we will be talking about the VR version, since it most closely matches the director’s vision. The film is directed by Pietro Gagliano whose work on interactive stories has spanned many years and technologies. A few years ago he started Transitional Forms to combine real-time storytelling with artificial intelligence. The intention behind that process is twofold: First, we believe that entertainment will soon be driven by AI. And secondly, artificial intelligence is poised to be humanity’s greatest tool, and stories might be the best way to make sense of it. To this end, we believe that Agence is an innovative production with bold strides in immersion, interactivity and technology. The approaches taken in this film are novel and unique in their propositions, and may open the door to many new projects that may build upon them.

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