“Hindlekar” by Hindlekar, Zordan, Smith, Welter and Mckay

  • ©Saurabh Hindlekar, Victor Brian Zordan, Emerson E. Smith, John C. Welter, and William Garrett Mckay






    MechVR is an interactive VR/Motion simulator that offers an experience of driving a 3D simulated robot in a custom training world. From the user’s perspective, they “enter” the cockpit of a giant motorized biped, and experience an immersive, interactive virtual reality training ride as they drive the simulated robotic machine themselves. The idea is not unlike a flight simulator, but for an imaginary, giant walking, running, and flying robot machine. Under the hood is a custom software base that drives state-of-the-art motion simulation equipment based on a custom user interface. Our research questions include the control and physical fidelity of the virtual robot, and the transfer of the experience into an interactive real-world simulation (hardware) as well as the design of the user experience for this and similar applications, e.g. prototyping amusement park rides, and/or novel arcade-style motion experiences.


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