“Longing for Wilderness” by Zimmermann, Helzle and Arellano

  • ©Marc Zimmermann, Volker Helzle, and Diana Arellano



    Longing for Wilderness



    Longing for Wilderness is a 360° VR-experience that takes you from the noisy city through the slowly transforming forest towards a calm and airy landscape. It seeks to express our innate longing to experience nature in its rawest forms. To achieve this, we have made use of the latest technology: phones/tablets, virtual reality head-mounted displays (HMDs), 360° imagery, interactive binaural sound, and a seatback tactile bass system to transmit low frequencies to the user’s body, to create a truly immersive experience that addresses all senses. Longing for Wilderness constitutes one of the first use cases of a dedicated 360 Player capable of handling high frame rates (up to 50fps) and resolution (up to 4k), developed within the EU funded project Dreamspace.


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