“Hands-On Class: Solaris Speed Run – Transition to Solaris in an Hour” by Weidman

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    Hands-On Class: Solaris Speed Run - Transition to Solaris in an Hour

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    Hands-On Class


    This hands-on class breaks down the steps that a small 30 person studio took to transition to SideFX Solaris. Solaris is a suite of look development, layout and lighting tools that empower artists to create USD based scene graphs that go from asset creation to final render.

    Solaris integrates with USD’s HYDRA Imaging Framework for access to a wide range of renderers such as the new SideFX Karma,* Pixar RenderMan. Autodesk Arnold, Maxon Redshift, AMD ProRender and more.

    In this class we will simplifying Solaris, the pipeline, and USD concepts. We will discuss practical tips & tricks to guide how our small studio transitioned to Solaris as our daily driver. We will help you look at how you think about Solaris, what to build; and the practical steps getting a Solaris project done from start to finish.

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