“Hands-On Class: Procedural Modeling with Blender’s Geometry Nodes” by Gumster and Lampel

  • ©Jason van Gumster and Jonathan Lampel



    Hands-On Class: Procedural Modeling with Blender’s Geometry Nodes

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    Hands-On Class



    Since about a year ago, the 3D program Blender has shipped with a set of procedural/parametric modeling tools called Geometry Nodes. While still fairly new and in development, the system has already unlocked several new ways for users to express their creativity and solve practical problems. It allows for the creation of new geometry from scratch, modification of existing geometry, and distribution of instances using a node graph. This presentation will cover those three major use cases, what’s possible to create with the system, and demonstrate how to work with the tools by showing how to create a simple model generator.

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