“Hands-On Class: Intro to Creating Real-time Shaders” by Cloward

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    Hands-On Class: Intro to Creating Real-time Shaders

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    Hands-On Class



    Real-time shaders are incredibly powerful in game design. This hands-on session will introduce beginners to the basics of creating shaders for games and other real-time applications using a node-based shader editor. It will include a brief overview of the subject, step-by-step tutorials for creating three simple shaders (Distortion, Flipbook Animation, and Environmental Blend), as well as explanations of the math principles used.  The session will be ideal for those wanting to get a jump start in learning shader creation. Though this course will be taught in Unity, the processes are very similar and can easily be translated to work inside of Unreal or other game engines with a node-based interface.

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