“HALUX: Projection-based Interactive Skin for Digital Sports” by Uematsu, Ogawa, Okazaki, Hachisu and Kajimoto

  • ©Haruya Uematsu, Daichi Ogawa, Ryuta Okazaki, Taku Hachisu, and Hiroyuki Kajimoto


Entry Number: 10


    HALUX: Projection-based Interactive Skin for Digital Sports



    Entertainment contents employing users’ whole-body action is now becoming popular, along with the prevalence of low-cost whole-body motion capture systems. To add haptic modality to this context, latency becomes a critical issue because it leads to spatial disparity between the assumed contact location and tactile stimulation position. To cope with this issue, we propose to project drive signal in advance so as to eliminate latency derived from communication. We do not explicitly control each vibrator, but we project “position-dependent, vibration strength distribution” image. Furthermore, the system becomes highly scalable, enabling simultaneous drive of hundreds of units attached to the body.


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