“ESPN VR Batting Cage” by Black, Bradshaw, Cokas, McNair, Rooney, et al. …

  • ©Jason M. Black, Jeffrey K. Bradshaw, Christiaan A. Cokas, Eliza D. McNair, Brian T. Rooney, and Jeremiah M. Swartz


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    ESPN VR Batting Cage

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    Advances in XR



    The ESPN VR Batting Cage uses an innovative combination of tracking data with dynamic graphics to create a unique, immersive experience to engage both sports fans and technologists. Although the game is primarily experienced individually through a virtual reality (VR) headset, features like Tournament Play invite users to come together and engage with sports content in a new, virtual space. Users can engage with pro players via tracked pitch data in a way that they are unlikely to in the physical world, and that is more tangible than watching a baseball game.

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