“Encounters 2.0: A Multiparticipant Audiovisual Art Experience with XR” by Nakagawa and Sonobe

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    Encounters 2.0: A Multiparticipant Audiovisual Art Experience with XR

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    “Encounters” provides a multiparticipant audiovisual art experience with a cross reality (XR) system which consists of HoloLens units, VIVE Tracker units, a SteamVR system and so on. In the experience, participants fire virtual bullets or beams at physical objects which then create a physical sound and a corresponding virtual visual effect (see Figure 1, center). This is done by placing a “Kuroko” unit, which consists of a VIVE Tracker unit, a Raspberry Pi unit and a solenoid, beside a physical object (see Figure 1, left). We prepared eight Kuroko units which participants can freely place anywhere in the physical space. Therefore, they could interact with physical objects in that space by making sounds using the XR system. In version 2.0 of the Encounters, we’ve added new audiovisual experiences with lights using a Philips Hue system. When the virtual bullets or beams hit the Light unit, which consists of a Hue light bulb and a VIVE Tracker unit (see Figure 1, right), the light turns off while generating a virtual crash sound and virtual debris particles of light. And then, the virtual object like a ghost of the light (Ghost object) is generated and increases to the size of the light bulb. After that, participants are able to grab and move the Ghost object. If participants move the Ghost object to the light bulb that is off, the Ghost object gets sucked into the light bulb and then the light turns on as if rebirthing. We think that the light experience expands the Encounters’ XR experience because the lights change appearance of physical objects and lights are physical phenomenon but have an immaterial aspect. We believe that this experience would make participants rethink their perspective in XR space.

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©Ryu Nakagawa and Ken Sonobe ©Ryu Nakagawa and Ken Sonobe ©Ryu Nakagawa and Ken Sonobe

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