“Computing Inspiration: i.plot” by Tosa, Torroella, Matsuoka and Nakatsu

  • ©Naoko Tosa, Armando Rubio Torroella, Seigo Matsuoka, and Ryohei Nakatsu



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    In examining how a computer can inspire with humor and wisdom under the theme of “the future of narrative,” we studied the hidden relationships and contextual emergence of language. Pursuing a vision of the future where people will have conversations with robots, we have a robot agent convey inspiration and emotional content to users. Narrative is at its most vivid when emergent technologies are born. “Emergent” means when a product or idea, in the course of its advancement, breaks through a critical barrier, and a heretofore-unimagined paradigm appears, leading to the discovery of new relationships and the creation of fresh images. The trick to finding this kind of emergence is daring to pursue the marriage of completely different ideas.


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