“CoGAME: Manipulation Using a Handheld Projector” by Hosoi, Dao, Mori and Sugimoto

  • ©Kazuhiro Hosoi, Vinh Ninh Dao, Akihiro Mori, and Masanori Sugimoto

  • ©Kazuhiro Hosoi, Vinh Ninh Dao, Akihiro Mori, and Masanori Sugimoto


Entry Number: 04


    CoGAME: Manipulation Using a Handheld Projector




    An example of an application enhanced by the ”manipulation-by- projection” technique, this cooperative game allows players to visually and intuitively control a robot with projectors. Players interchangeably move and connect their projected images to create a path that leads the robot to its goal.

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    This research has been supported by the 21st Century COE Pro- gram “Electronics in Future Generations” from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, and by the Core Research for Evolutionary Science and Technology of the Japan Science and Technology Agency. We thank the “International collegiate Virtual Reality Contest (IVRC)” executive committee for their constructive feedback on the CoGAME project.


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