“beacon 2+: Networked Socio-Musical Interaction” by Kamatani, Uchiyama and Suzuki

  • ©Takahiro Kamatani, Toshiaki Uchiyama, and Kenji Suzuki

  • ©Takahiro Kamatani, Toshiaki Uchiyama, and Kenji Suzuki


Entry Number: 07


    beacon 2+: Networked Socio-Musical Interaction



    This work proposes an environment for socio-musical interaction where people can generate sounds and play music by feet in collaboration with each other. We have been developing a new musical interface, beacon. Each beacon produces laser beams lying on the ground and rotating around it. Audio sounds are then produced when the beams pass individual performer’s foot. As the users are able to change the sound pitch and length according to the foot location and angles facing the instrument, their bodily motion and foot behavior can be translated into sound and music in an intuitive manner. In addition, two different types of beacons are connected via network. Throughout the performance, walking, dancing and stepping around the devices, users could feel and make his/her presence felt in a distant place, and also they can easily and intuitively understand how it works.


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