“ACM SIGGRAPH Practitioners: Skills You Need to Step Up!” by Joya, Segal, Museth, Crossley, Servant, et al. …

  • ©Juan Miguel de Joya, Peter Segal, Ken Museth, Peter Crossley, Frederic Servant, Mark Elendt, and Eric Haines


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    ACM SIGGRAPH Practitioners: Skills You Need to Step Up!


    The SIGGRAPH Practitioners Sessions are an in-person sessions for practitioners at the conference to have discussions, with like-minded peers, on professional development in our industries, including but not limited to different approaches to creating and scoping engineering projects, developing tech stacks, and identifying opportunities for taking research to practice and the productisation journey thereof. In this session, we will look into topics such as: – The state of computer graphics and interactive techniques applications at large; – Best practices for productising tools and services; – Creating a prototyping cycle for minimum viable products; – Prioritising customer needs, and when to cut features; – Managing client delivery and deadlines; – How to use software to aid your management and development process; – How to fail gracefully and spring back. The SIGGRAPH Practitioner Sessions are organised by the ACM SIGGRAPH Practitioner Career Development Committee (PCDC), whose directive is to plan, develop, and facilitate activities that support the career development of computer graphics and interactive techniques practitioners across different industries worldwide. Speakers: • Ken Museth, Senior Director, Simulation Technology, NVIDIA • Peter Crossley, Director of Engineering, Nuke • Frederic Servant, Director of Engineering, Entertainment & Media Solutions, Autodesk • Mark Elendt, Mathematician, SideFX Software • Eric Haines, Distinguished Engineer, NVIDIA

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