“2016-Realtime Live Quilez Quill” by Quilez and Allsbrook

  • ©Iñigo Quilez and Wesley Allsbrook



    2016-Realtime Live Quilez Quill



    Oculus Story Studio, the team behind the pioneering VR short films “Lost” and “Henry”, demonstrates the art of their newest film, “Dear Angelica”, which has a unique illustrative look created with a tool that allows artists to paint scenes in VR using Oculus Touch. The project considered a key question: What do illustrations look like in VR? To answer that, the studio moved beyond traditional flat CG tools (Maya, Photoshop, etc.) and developed Quill, which allows hand movements to become strokes of color in true 3D. For the first time, creators of an animated film were inside their own creation, no longer detached from it and looking at it from the outside.


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