Welcome to the SIGGRAPH 96 Computer Animation Festival.

    For SIGGRAPH 96, the Festival received a record-breaking 515 submissions, representing over 15 countries in the fields of art, architecture, entertainment, technology, science, and education. Because SIGGRAPH attendees represent an ever-increasing variety of skills, interests, and backgrounds, this year’s Computer Animation Festival features a number of animations that are educational and explanatory.

    The 46 pieces selected by the jury for the Electronic Theater are shown at the historic Saenger Theater in New Orleans, where they can be viewed under the best conditions, including 35mm and 70mm motion picture projection, and high-quality video with surround-sound multi-channel audio.

    Eighty-eight additional pieces can be seen in the Festival Screening Rooms at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. These works are shown in rotation several times a day throughout the conference in a relaxed environment, with related programs and events such as The Bridge: SIGGRAPH 96 Art Show, the Exhibition, and the Animator Sketches located close by.

    We have also added a new event this year: a special Behind the Scenes session, in which the SIGGRAPH 96 Computer Animation Festival Committee reviews, explains, and answers questions about how material was chosen for the Festival Screening Rooms and the Electronic Theater.  

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