SIGGRAPH 2019 Practitioner Award: Hill

  • ©2019, Stephen Hill



    Practitioner Award


    ACM SIGGRAPH is pleased to recognize Stephen Hill with the 2019 Practitioner Award. The Practitioner Award is given annually to practitioners who have had an impact on computer graphics and interactive techniques. Stephen has made multiple contributions to the field as a practitioner, including the design and implementation of ambient occlusion and hierarchical visibility systems in the game Splinter Cell: Conviction, a method of “baking” normal variance into textures to handle specular aliasing, and a volumetric lighting method used in “Carne y Arena”, the first (and so far the only) virtual reality experience to win an Academy Award.

    His technological contributions have been ground breaking, have been widely adopted and continue to influence real-time rendering today.

    In addition, Stephen has devoted himself to educating the graphics community, not only presenting talks but also organizing the SIGGRAPH physically-based shading course since 2012. For several years, this course has presented cutting-edge real-time techniques and has had a huge impact on the dissemination of best practices in this area.

    Stephen also dedicates himself to other technical communication, including his eminent Self Shadow blog, which has had many high-impact posts over the years.

    Stephen’s contributions have inspired and influenced practitioners throughout the industry. ACM SIGGRAPH is proud to honor Stephen as the 2019 recipient of the Practitioner Award.


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