SIGGRAPH 2019 Outstanding Service Award: White

  • ©2019, Jackie White



    Outstanding Service Award


    For her long term excellent dedicated service to ACM SIGGRAPH recognizes Jackie White with the 2019 Outstanding Service Award. She has been a member of the Education Committee, twice a Program Chair for the SIGGRAPH Conference, SIGGRAPH Conference Chair, SIGGRAPH Conference Advisory Group (CAG) Chair, a member of the SIGGRAPH Asia Conference Advisory Group (SACAG), and represented the CAG and and SACAG on the Executive Committee.

    Jackie joined ACM SIGGRAPH in 1986 when a close friend asked her to help with an art show she was chairing for a computer graphics organization. Little did she know that this support of a friend would result in 30 years of volunteering. After the 1986 conference, she continued to volunteer working on the traveling art show and in 1989 joined the Education Committee where she was responsible for the Education Committee Newsletter as well as other duties.

    In 1997 Scott Owen, Chair of SIGGRAPH 97, asked her to chair the first Community Outreach program for the conference. After doing an excellent job and bringing in over 1,900 local teachers and students to that program, the CAG chose her to be the SIGGRAPH 2000 Conference chair. As a Conference chair, Jackie served on the CAG for five years, then became CAG Chair 2005-2011, 2012-2013, and served as CAG Chair representative on the Executive Committee 2011-2012. She was also special sessions chair for SIGGRAPH 2002, special sessions committee member for SIGGRAPH 2003, and panels jury member in 2005. During her term as CAG Chair, Jackie worked closely with the Executive Committee to successfully navigate financial issues caused by the Great Recession.

    When SIGGRAPH Asia was created, Jackie, in her position as CAG Chair, ensured that the CAG and the newly formed SACAG worked together in a cooperative fashion. She served in various capacities on the SACAG from initial advisor, to acting SACAG chair, and then SACAG committee member 2007-2016. She served as the EC representative to the SACAG from 2012-2016.


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