Youn Soo Kwack, Hun Soo Kim: 주마간산(Jumagansan)

  • ©, Youn Soo Kwack and Hun Soo Kim






Artist Statement:

    주마간산 is a four-character Chinese idiom that means to look at the scenery while horse riding, and it means to skim through the outer surface of things. 주마간산(Jumagansan), a collaboration between photographer Kim Hun Soo and painter Kwack Youn Soo, captures the scenery of the city as viewed from various perspectives while traveling by various transportations. They live in a city, use the same transportation, and look at similar landscapes, but each person’s gaze varies. Even if it is a passing impression, the landscapes that contain each image are piled up and accumulated in the time and space of the city in which we live.