Yoichi Ochiai: Looking Glass Time

  • ©2013, Yoichi Ochiai

  • ©2013, Yoichi Ochiai



    Looking Glass Time


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Artist Statement:

    In today’s world, our daily lives are translated into social media activities and social media timelines. Social media records are posted online with our recording devices (smart phone, camera, recorder). Without these recording devices, duplication and variation of the same object would be required in order to produce movie frames. Animation is a recomposition of “time,” and I compose animation with multiple episcopes and clocks. We live in the objective material world with subjective perceptions of time. Nowadays, these subjective times are combined and translated in various ways (e.g., social media). This work aims to critique these situations using clock animation without recording media.

Other Information:

    If recording devices had not been invented, duplication of objects would have been required to produce movies. Social media is an artificial timeline that reflects the real world. This work aims to represent social media activities and their timelines with physical clock animation, without any recording media.

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