Sharon Steuer: Branded By Her Genetic Mutation

  • ©2015, Sharon Steuer



    Branded By Her Genetic Mutation


Creation Year:



    Epson scanner, Photoshop, InDesign, watercolor pencil, digital output on fabric to be determined (printed, stitched, projected), Epson 2200 printer, oil painting, collage


Artist Statement:

    In 2011 I was “diagnosed” with the BRCA1 genetic mutation. This image is one in a series to be printed large-scale on fabric as part of a walk-through interactive multimedia art installation titled “For Our Own Good: Genetic Surveillance and the Medical Maze of Miracles.” Using watercolor pencil I drew from the nude model, and scanned the drawing into the computer. I then downloaded a PDF booklet of the (unsuccessful) application by a drug company to patent the BRCA1 genetic mutation. With Photoshop and InDesign I collaged a portion of my own genetic mutation sequence onto the nude.