Carlos Rosas: Metamorhosis Log Books

  • ©2015, Carlos Rosas

  • ©2015, Carlos Rosas

  • ©2015, Carlos Rosas



    Metamorhosis Log Books


Creation Year:



    Imaging: Adobe CC Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects Sequencing and Projection: Isadora 2 (sequencer and projection mapping)  Interactive Facsimiles: Unity 3d Custom Developed Virtual Book software

Process and Technology:  Hand cut and folded vellum [translucent maquettes]
Laser Cutting-Universal Laser System (bookmaking templates/frames) Imaging/Photography: Canon 6d w/70-200mm 2.8 IS L GiCleé Printing using Canon PIXMA Pro printer Installation (variable): cpu or iPad with video projector


Artist Statement:

    The Metamorphosis Log Books are an ongoing series of generative art based media installations and virtually published interactive media book works based on early 1800s Metamorphosis, movable panel “turn up” books. The series’ visually and sonically explore notions of “transformations” using meteorological logged data and media captured on site. Each book is a unique object with a specific data set and media archive that is used to derive the vignettes that are projected onto the translucent book surface.

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