sensorium/BeWare02: BeWare02:satellite

  • ©1997, sensorium/BeWare02

  • ©1997, sensorium/BeWare02





Creation Year:



    Interactive Installation


    10' x 9' x 9'


Artist Statement:

    BeWare is a “living” object by which observers can touch and feel the actual temperature of the Earth based on data transmitted from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration’s polar orbital satellite. The object shows a projection of the Earth’s image on a 9 cm by 160 cm plate, which changes in accordance with the speed of the satellite as it orbits the Earth. The infrared image is analyzed as temperature data, which are used to control Peltier devices attached to the underside of the plate. The data transmission is conducted through the Internet, however the interface is not necessarily limited to the abilities of the Web browser or of the computer.

    BeWare is an attempt to expand means of expression using the Internet as well as to stimulate our perception of the living Earth.

    BeWare01 was originally planned and created by the Web site project “sensorium” (

    BeWare was planned, designed and developed by the founding members of sensorium in collaboration with members of GK TECK Inc. and the International Media Research Foundation, Japan.

Other Information:

    Producer   Shin’ichi Takemura
    Director   Ichiro Higashiizumi
    Co-Director   Yoshiaki Nishimura
    Main Programmer   Takuya Shimada
    Main Engineer   Shu-ichi Ono
    Translations   Pamela Virgilio

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