Jim Rose: Is it really Over?

  • ©1997, Jim Rose



    Is it really Over?


Creation Year:



    Giclee Print on Summerset Velvet


    11" x 14"


Artist Statement:

    This image reflects my doubts and fears regarding not only the threat of nuclear world destruction but also passive acceptance of a new and friendly relationship with Russia and other ex-communist countries. As a member of the baby boomer generation, I have been concerned for most of my life about the threat of total destruction. Now the slate is clean. Why would I accept such a notion quickly and respectfully when the people who created the fear also created the solution?

    The child in the center is my son, Jimmy, and the older man to the right is my father. They symbolize the passing of time. I also illustrate the ongoing existence of humanity with the subtle image of a prehistoric cave drawing and the hard shape of a pocket watch, a wedding gift. I am reminded of war with images I photographed in 1969 in a Vietnamese orphanage. I still ask myself: “Is it really over?”

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