Sangyoon Lee, Andrea Baldwin, Heidi Henderson: The Reminiscence — The Monologues of Being Seen

  • ©, Sangyoon Lee, Andrea Baldwin, and Heidi Henderson



    The Reminiscence — The Monologues of Being Seen


Artist Statement:

    The Reminiscence presents the digital (re)creation of posture portrait-taking practice in the past with the current generation of students and advanced technology. These past portraits, taken at colleges and universities across the nation during the 1920s-1960s, were used as a measurement of ability and good posture, which at that time was linked to intelligence, beauty, and what it meant to be “normal.” This malpractice led to the destruction of most evidence as if nothing had happened. Are we free from being judged by our appearance? We share personal stories of what it is like to be seen by others.