S E Barnet, Hillary Mushkin: Mario’s Furniture

  • ©2003, S E Barnet and Hillary Mushkin



    Mario's Furniture


Creation Year:



    Interactive Installation


Artist Statement:

    “Mario’s Furniture” is an interactive video installation that is played, recorded, and exhibited in the gaming space. Videogame play happens in a hybrid space of both the physical and videographed world, thereby confusing notions of real and virtual as well as viewership and interaction. In the game, players move objects of conflicting human and miniature scales within the camera’s frame, while racing against the camera’s ceaseless rotation. The players rush to maintain the appearance of unified scale within the gaming space. Here, time and space become mutable in correlation to virtual gaming apparatuses. Within “Mario’s Furniture”, a new kind of play emerges, one that is heightened and accelerated, allowing infinite malleability of space and time.