Rewa Wright, Simon Howden: Contact/Sense

  • ©, Rewa Wright and Simon Howden






Artist Statement:

    Contact/Sense is designed to investigate new strategies for live audio-visual performance. Situating a VR performer within the sensorially challenging mode of infrared vision, this environment incorporates bleeding edge technology such as the Leap Motion gestural controller, configured as head mounted, and used dually as a camera feed that the performer ‘looks through’, as well as a gestural interface that captures hand data. Digital augments (created using augmented reality and computer vision techniques), have been programmed to emerge alongside the tactile hand gestures of the VR performer, as they ‘play’ an agave attenuata plant like a synthesizer. In response, an audio performer, working with the sonified bio-electrical signals, constructs a real-time sonic environment that compliments the VR performers actions. Influenced by seminal media artworks such as Sommerer & Mignonneau’s installations with interactive plants, Miya Masaoka’s performances with body area networks, and Char Davies work with embodied movements in virtual environments, this tangible interaction explores the ‘posthuman digital’ in media art.