Philip Field: Spring Cleaning

  • ©2003, Philip Field



    Spring Cleaning


Creation Year:



    16 in x 20 in


Artist Statement:

    I consider the computer print to be one of the great technological advancements in the long history of traditional printmaking. Many of my prints, such as She Who Rides The Lion, start out as part of my “daily diary” a simple pencil drawing done each night on a 4-inch-by-6-inch index card. Most of them include a red creature called Wrathhuesos, which represents my wife, and a Bear figure that represents myself. There are an additional eight to 10 characters that make up my “family”. The best of them are scanned into the computer, and the artistic development and decision making takes place within the context of Painter and Photoshop, and the opportunities and serendipity of the digital world. I use a Wacom drawing tablet to “paint” and develop them, and print on an Epson 1520 color inkjet printer.