Nancy Turner-Smith: The Chill of a Thousand Pearly Hues

  • ©2003, Nancy Turner-Smith



    The Chill of a Thousand Pearly Hues


Creation Year:



    17 in x 22 in


Artist Statement:

    After working many years as a painter, I began working with the computer to create a new layer to my work. It was a natural step, a way to further understand nature and the world around us. As we all know, the very essence of nature is changing as more and more technology is introduced. Using the computer allows me to experience that change by accelerating the creative process. This acceleration allows for more types of work to be produced and permits more experimentation. It also allows me to pursue my vision and goals in art, which are to honor nature through this technological process and to express my interest in the natural cycle of life.

    I believe that the experience and skill of drawing and other traditional methods are still essential for the creation of art. Because of that, I am developing a collection of my own drawings done in the field and from specimens from the Los Angeles Natural History Museum. I have drawn upon past work to create new compositions and created a series of images relating to the starkness and beauty of winter at Crater Lake National Park, Oregon.

    It has been my intention to put the hand of the artist into the computer. I wish to address our place in this new technology in a poetic and human way, and to explore the possibilities that the computer presents in the printmaking process. My current work is based on original drawings that are scanned into the computer and manipulated with Adobe Photoshop to create new images and compositions. They are original, signed, limited-edition prints.

    The Chill of a Thousand Pearly Hues is from a series of work created during an artist’s residency at Crater Lake National Park. It celebrates the centennial of the park and the past, present, and future of nature.

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