Monica Ong: Red

  • ©2003, Monica Ong





Creation Year:



    21 in x 29 in


Artist Statement:

    My body of work tells stories not simply about the people in my family, but more specifically about the dynamics that exist between us, and our relationship with the changing world. Within four generations, my family grew up in three different cultures (China, the Philippines, the United States), all the while sharing diverse views of the world, which color the relationships we share. Landscape and portrait images are collaged with textures and memories to portray the subtle complexities that are so common in the most basic of human bonds. With the use of digital art technology, these images seamlessly depict a unique co-existence of past and present, East and West, inexperience and maturity that has allowed each of us to discover our own identity as a human being who is an indispensable part of one global family.