Michael Masucci: Quantum Entanglement

  • ©2003, Michael Masucci



    Quantum Entanglement


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Artist Statement:

    This new work is an off-beat, sometimes surrealistic drama, combining psychological uncertainties, the paranormal, and their inexplicable interconnection with the bleeding-edge concepts in modern theoretical and quantum psychics. Unable to distinguish between reality and delusion, between sanity and insanity, the characters explore aspects of themselves as well as the collective unconsciousness.

    The desktop video revolution is nothing new, and artists at EZTV have been creating original, no-budget projects (often feature length) since 1979. Utilizing off-the-shelf tools and combining elements of traditional storytelling with experimental cinema, these projects have often gone on to acclaim by leading film and art critics, and have been exhibited in major museums and on television internationally. EZTV’s ongoing philosophy has always been that the contemporary artist must not just create work, but must also create the atmosphere by which new works are seen. As acknowledgement of this philosophy, EZTV has operated one of Los Angeles’ oldest running micro-cinemas and digital art galleries, and strongly believes that curatorial exhibition of other artists’ works makes a much better artist. An ensemble of actors, dancers, and other artists collaborate with EZTV’s core group of video, music, digital, and motion-graphic artists, who write and produce their experimental projects as exercises in the continuing dialogue between art and technology.

    Quantum Entanglement is a new EZTV digital-video work. Its first public showing is at SIGGRAPH 2003, at the request of the Art Gallery Chair. It stars Aimee Zannoni, Kate Johnson, Bart McLean, and Alex Keith. Story, music, and video by Michael Masucci. Produced by Michael Masucci and Kate Johnson.