Joe Nalven: The Arch

  • ©2003, Joe Nalven



    The Arch


Creation Year:



    16 in x 20 in


Artist Statement:

    Joe Nalven composites images that seek to draw out the extraordinary in form, color, theme, or composition. He traps and forms realities in a variety of styles: representational, conceptual, traditional, modern, surreal, abstract, impressionistic, or whatever category a viewer might imagine. He looks beyond ideologies that claim that one way of visualizing reality is better than any other way.

    Ultimately, each image stands on its own. So, too, digital images stand alongside images derived with more traditional technologies. With both the older and newer technologies, the artist’s image-making leaps forth. Did the artist succeed? Look at the image, experience the image. Ignore the artist’s name, the medium, and whether the “original” is on a single piece of canvas or on a hard drive.

    For Nalven, the dialogue should focus on the question: Does the image work? Then, if you are still interested, ask those other questions to get at the craft and the commercial value of the image. But recognize these as separate inquiries.

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