Eleanor Gates Stuart, Sherry Mayo: StellrScope

  • ©2016, Eleanor Gates Stuart and Sherry Mayo

  • ©2016, Eleanor Gates Stuart and Sherry Mayo





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Artist Statement:

    StellrScope: ‘Wheat’ builds on a story connecting the Canberra region to Australia’s major crop in delivering a science artwork. It celebrates a 100 years of wheat innovation from the days of William Farrer through to the present day research undertaken at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), namely in the Future Foods and Computational Informatics. In coining the term, StellrScope to describe translating information complexity into a simplistic visual rendering of meaning, it is significant in such a project where the volume of scientific information is possibly overwhelming for people outside of the scientific field and requires a comprehensive visual interpretation. In tackling such a project, the processes involved are not always predetermined and respond much more to the direction of ideas, content building, researching and an aesthetic understanding and construct for creating the artwork.

    StellrScope: ‘Under the Surface’ uses the same methodology in investigating scientific innovation in Australia’s minerals research with a focus on mining in Western Australia.

    These images are actually constructed to form video content for the hemispherical projection system that requires a two video track process and one layer is part removed by body detection to reveal new information. As the images require several layers of manipulation first, the composition of elements (CT scans, 3D animation stills, 3D models & sketches) are combined to create a visual aesthetic that is a result of scientific and artist collaboration. The images are an important step in the creation of the video and also artworks as singular images.

    All the works that were produced in StellrScope were a result of an artist and scientist in collaboration with results that proved valuable for both parties, including the science host organization.

Technical Information:

    Media Used: MeshLab, Photoshop, CT scanning, Photography.