David Hylton: Siren’s Call

  • ©2003, David Hylton



    Siren's Call


Creation Year:



    16 in x 20 in


Artist Statement:

    The Immutability of Transformation

    In “Leaves of Grass,” Walt Whitman wrote: “The law of promotion and transformation cannot be eluded.” This idea is explored in David Hylton’s haunting digital paintings. His work challenges viewers to consider how they may instigate, react to, or remain oblivious to the inexorable effects of change and transformation upon their existence.

    Depicts transformation with surreal imagery that vibrates with dramatic, deeply saturated hues. His work captures and heightens the tensions born of the process of transformation. Some of his paintings have a mystical quality that suggests a vine and positive influence upon transformation. Others present the horror of expected, uncontrollable evolution.

    Siren’s Call is a portrait of a woman whose alluring call is suggested by her haunting expression. She is both cool and warm, and is composed of organic elements. Unlike her mythical forebears, this enigmatic siren inspires new discoveries and exploration.

    Hylton’s work evokes the isolation of modern men and women whose struggle to make sense of daily inundation with information blinds them to the deeper forces at work in their lives.

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