Chung Kyu Kim: Nature in Mind

  • ©2003, Chung Kyu Kim

  • ©2003, Chung Kyu Kim

  • ©2003, Chung Kyu Kim



    Nature in Mind


Creation Year:



    Digital Video


Artist Statement:

    People in our society need to build a stronger relationship with nature. People are born in “natural mind” but, as we grow up on the earth, many people lose this. Our loss is caused by digital machines, artificial gray buildings, and so on. While much of our time is spent immersed in computer-chip cities and concrete jungles, much more of our time is spent day-dreaming of relaxing in nature. In this work, I depict a man who lives in a city. He is of the current generation, and lives in in the present time. Often, he misses the world of nature, as he works to earn his living.

    I suggest that keeping our “natural mind” is important as we live within a digital culture. We can succeed as a digital generation, if we do not lose our natural ideas and thoughts.

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