Beth Warshafsky: The Springs

  • ©2003, Beth Warshafsky



    The Springs


Creation Year:



    15 in x 52 in


Artist Statement:

    Originally trained as a painter and printmaker, I became involved with broadcast design and animation as it was emerging in the mid-1980s. I immediately began working with my new tools and creating time-based works: short 2D video/computer-animated poems.

    These prints represent a return in my work to 2D image making. But they also represent something new (the beginning of an exploration of sourcing time-based works and bringing them into a unique impression): a single image. How will the content change as it moves between media? What is the relationship between a still that can be viewed indeterminably and a sequence of images unfolding over time? What about materiality in digital prints? Or the relationship of sequence to time in artists books? Once made, the still can be broken into pieces and ordered into time once more. This “intermedia” approach allows for new relationships and instances between stillness and motion and the framing of content.

    In these particular prints, the vertical format allows me to work with a sequence of Quick Time frames. These are layered and manipulated, and include text from a dream. I am interested in exploring subjective experience as well as the multiple frames that create that personal subjective narrative. Using dreams, memories, and diaries as points of departure, I am interested in the spaces and transitions between our experiences that make the day to day that is the weave of our lives.