Atsushi Kasao: Mutually Quoted Algorithms – Circle Face

  • ©2003, Atsushi Kasao



    Mutually Quoted Algorithms - Circle Face


Creation Year:



    1040 mm x 1040 mm


Artist Statement:

    This artwork is one of a series, Mutually Quoted Algorithms, created by Atsushi Kasao, Hitoshi Akayama, Naoto Hikawa, Mao Makino, and Yuichi Kobayashi.

    In general, artists consciously or unconsciously quote many things from others’ works to create their original artworks. However, we have not found CG artworks that quote other’s CG-creation algorithms. We concluded that if artists had a CG creation tool that can quote others’ algorithms, they could create many types of expressions and make CG creation more fun.

    For example, we have never seen CG artworks that quote algorithmically created works-what we call non-photorealistic rendering (NPR) algorithms. So we created CG artworks that quote NPR algorithms by using Synergistic Image Creator (SIC), our original algorithmic-image-expression tool. I used this tool to create Sapporo,” which was presented by the SIGGRAPH 2002 Art Gallery. The main feature of SIC is that modification of a few parts of an SIC algorithm can create totally different expressions.

    The Mutually Quoted Algorithms series was completed in three phases. First, we decided that the common motif of the artworks was “human,” then each member of the creative group created an appropriate “human” SIC algorithm. Second, we each made sample artworks with our own algorithms. Third, each artist created final artwork by quoting other members’ CG algorithms and not sample artworks. The results showed many types of CG artworks that express something between abstract and representational art.

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