Ariana Cano: @Conscious_Dialectic

  • ©, Ariana Cano

  • ©, Ariana Cano






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Artist Statement:

    @Conscious_ Dialectic is an Instagram account particularly based in the Inland Empire. It was created by a Chicanx (a Mexican/American/Indigenous womxn) who seeks to advocate for political and social justice for people with intersecting identities specializing in Chicanx,  Latinx, and Indigenous’ self-presentation on social media sites and their intersecting identity of race, gender, class, ethnicity, and sex. The social media account is based on the notion that consciousness is raised through dialogue. It incorporates perspectives from Paulo Freire, Victoria Santa Cruz, bell hooks, Gloria Anzaldua, and Audre Lorde. It includes posts that focus on understanding those who are marginalized through communication and why their marginalization came about. It takes on a Chicana Feminist perspective, critically analyzing social structures and empowering individuals.

    The purpose of this social media account is to advocate, particularly, for womxn of color. It includes videos, text, audio, art, from individuals who seek to promote Woke Consciousness. @Conscious_ Dialectic seeks to promote social media activism and digital power through communication. The goal of Digital Power is to showcase digital work by women who emphasize gender neutrality, female identity, representation, and intersectionality. This account is for people with intersectional identities; it is made by a Mexican American (Chicana), queer, first-generation, lower-middle-class woman who understands the struggle.



Ariana Cano – @Conscious_Dialectic from ACM SIGGRAPH on Vimeo.

Other Information:

    Issues: Chicana Femnism, Intersectional Identity, Race, and Social Justice


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