Ansen Seale: __grau

  • ©2005, Ansen Seale

  • ©2005, Ansen Seale

  • ©2005, Ansen Seale





Creation Year:





    10:01 minutes


Artist Statement:

    “MF: .. .for me, life consists of black and white only …
    RS: … I think there is just the in-between … ”
    _grau is a personal reflection on memories that appear during a car accident, where past events emerge, fuse, erode, and finally vanish ethereally. Various real sources were distorted, filtered, and placed into a sculptural structure to create not a simiple abstract, but a very private snapshot of a whole life in its final seconds. The living paintings (tableaux vivants) of growing structures branch out over 10:01 minutes (a reference to the binary system by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, in which he ascribes 1 to god and O to the devil) without ever reaching pure black or white. Every element originates from real experience and is adapted from my sketches, my own body fragments, or scientific visualization methods. For example, the first still colored seconds are the prismatic halos of the collision fading into gray fs:jrau in German). The musical framework connects memories born of the dramatic moment to clusters. These are unleashed from the image flux to ease the desired free associations of the beholder.