Andrea Polli: The Fly’s Eye

  • ©2003, Andrea Polli

  • ©2003, Andrea Polli



    The Fly's Eye


Creation Year:



    Two works: 42 in x 63 in each


Artist Statement:

    The Fly’s Eye (2002) creates an animated document of both space and time, and draws inspiration from the structure, function, and significance of the eye of the fly and other processes of vision. The history of a film or a live video feed is built in layers of position and image.

    Digital prints created have included:

    1. A lighting analysis of Fellini’s “8 1/2” in which the print is divided into a grid of 28 squares, each documenting a 10-minute section of the film layered over the previous 10 minutes.

    2. A lighting analysis of Bunuel’s “Un Chien Andalou,” in which the print is divided into three rectangles, each documenting a 5-10 minute section of the film.

Technical Information:

    The Fly’s Eye consists of a computer system designed to perform real-time spatial analysis and deconstruction of a video using a custom-designed interface. Each frame is tracked and analyzed according to the location of light, color, or motion in the frame. A copy of each frame is placed in a grid according to the results of the analysis, and a live animation is created.