“You” by Vogel

  • ©François Vogel  Method Studios







Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Method Studios


    In “You,” the camera zooms through the streets. 3D panels represent different vivid images and perceptions of an image that individuals may capture with digital cameras.

    Method worked in close collaboration with Francois Vogel of Tool While the spot was being shot in Barcelona. Francois Vogel has an extensive design background and worked very closely with Method’sAndrew Eksner, visual effects artist, to come up with the general layout of each vignette. Upon arriving at the desired look, Method’sCedric Nicolas took each vignette into a more 3D realm by lighting each panel separately. to give it more depth and distinguish it from the overall framing.




    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Animation, rendering, and compositing: Discreet Inferno. Additional
    software: After Effects, BouJou. OS: Irix 6.5

Additional Contributors:

    Visual Effects Company: Method
    Visual Effects Supervisor and Artist: Andrew Eksner, Cedric Nicolas
    Visual Effects Artist: Jean-Luc Azzis
    Visual Effects Shoot Supervision: Andrew Eksner
    Visual Effects Executive Producer: Neysa Horsburgh
    Visual Effects Producer: Rachel Koch
    Director of Photography: Adam Kimmel-Tool
    Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
    Creative Director: Rich Silverstein, Steve Simpson
    Art Director: John Norman
    Copywriter: Mike McCommon
    Agency Producer: Josh Reynolds
    Production Company: Tool
    Live Action Producer: Caroline Pham
    Editorial Company: Lost Planet
    Editor: Hank Corwin
    Telecine Company: Company 3
    Colorist: Mike Pethel
    Audio Post: Ravenswork
    Sound Design: Hank Corwin

Additional Information:

    No modeling required. Minimal 2D rotoscoping used. Rendering Technique used most: compositing with Inferno. Average CPU time for rendering per frame: NA. Total production time: 3-4 weeks.Production highlight: Retracked the camera move in 3D space ofInferno and used the Inferno projection to re-project the shot itself to create a visual illusion and play with perception.

Animation / Video Overview: