“Ruby: The DoubleCross” by Dorrington

  • ©Harry Dorrington  ATI Research


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Ruby: The DoubleCross




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • ATI Research


    Through motion-captured animation, depth of field, realistic image-based lighting and dynamic shadows, “The DoubleCross” borrows heavily from both gaming and movie genres to create a compelling demo that further raises the expectations for real-time graphics.

    In making “The DoubleCross,” the real-time expertise of ATI’s demo team was combined with the creative and artistic talents of RhinoFxto create characters, environments, and a story that was visually and emotionally appealing while demonstrating the real-time program-mable graphics capabilities of ATI’s latest hardware.

    “The DoubleCross” introduces the near-future world of ATI’s Ruby And her arch enemy Optico. In an action-packed minute and 40 seconds, Ruby has to outwit the cunning Optico as he attempts to cheat on an exchange. Ruby has to use her wits and battle Optico’sNinja henchmen. In an explosive ending, Ruby escapes, leavingOptico vowing revenge.


    HARDWARE: PC 3 GHz CPU, 512 MB RAM. Hardware rendering was used for
    final renders. Graphics card: ATI RADEON X800 and ATI Fire GL.


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Modeling and animation: Maya 5.01. Rendering: ATI Sushi Demo
    Engine 2.0. Additional software: Motion Building (mocap), ATI’s
    Normal Mapper. Custom software: workflow and asset management
    software, Sushi Demo Engine, Maya plug-ins, RenderMonkey,
    Normal Mapper tools. OS: Linux Redhat 9 (for Maya), Windows XP
    (for Runtime).

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: ATI and Rhinofx
    Lead Programmer: David Gosselin
    Lead Artist: Eli Turner
    Programming/Shader Programming: Alex Vlachos, Christopher Oat, Jason L. Mitchell, Natasha Tatarchuk, Pedro Sander, Thorsten Scheuermann
    Additional Engine Programming: Chris Brennan, John Isidoro
    Production: Callan McInally, Stephen Smith

    Senior Executive Producer/Partner: Rick Waggonheim
    Senior Executive Producer: Camille Geier
    Senior Producer: Karen Bianca
    Story & Concepts: Harry Dorrington, David Zung
    Storyboarding/Visualization: David Zung, Ji Yoon
    Lead Animator: Jeff Guerrero
    Technical Consultant & Animation: David Barosin
    Animator/Modeler: Dan Vislocky
    Lead Lighter & Project Lead: Joe Burrascano
    Texture Artist/Lighter: Chimin Yang, Ido Kalir
    Lighter: Natalia Senko
    Shader/Texture Artist: Dylan Maxwell
    Texture Artist: Martin Boksar
    Modelers: Paul Liaw: John Velazquez, Shin Kull
    3D Artist: Michael Ware
    Shader/Texture Artist: Dylan Maxwell
    Technical Animation/Dynamics: Ji Yoon
    Technical Director: Jesse Clemens
    Compositor/Graphics: Guy Atzman
    Editor/Compositor: Marc Steinberg
    Software Development: Jim Callahan
    Systems Engineer: Paul Tsung
    Photoshop Artists/Graphics: Chris Green
    Motion Capture Production Manager: Kristen Ames
    Motion Capture Company: Perspective Studios
    Motion Capture Stunt Actors: Declan Mulvey
    Andre “Chyna” McCoy: Casey Eastlick
    Fight Coordinator: Declan Mulvey
    Voice and Stunt: Wendy Litwack Casting
    Voice Talent: Marlyne Afflack, Chris Phillips
    Music House: Amber Music New York/LA
    Music Producer: Kate Gibson
    Music: Will Richter
    Music Sound Design: Bill Chesley
    Voice Record/Mix: Tonic New York
    Sound Engineer: Jody Nazarro

Additional Information:

    Modeling: polygons. Motion capture blended with keyframe animation. Rendering technique used most: real-time rendering using ATI’s in-house demo engine. Average CPU time for rendering per frame: average of 40 frames per second. Total production time:approximately 300 days. Production highlight: New real-time tech-niques for rendering hair, skin, and depth of field were developed for this demo.

Animation / Video Overview: