“Unplan the Moment” by boolab

  • ©Toni Costa and Kal Karman  boolab


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    Unplan the Moment


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  • boolab


    This TV ad for Freixenet Cordon Negro (Spanish champagne) creates a liquid world using hundreds of ink drops. The mixed-media approach of this commercial was the visual approach to our goal of achieving a visually fluid, floating-like sensation.

    A huge collection of stock images and high-speed footage was combined with live action, CG fluids and footage of real ink on water. We shot the characters on a green screen, then combined the characters with ink footage and CG fluids to create the movement of the characters and background references. The main problem was how to reflect the environment with a minimum of visual information.

    Realizing that many layers of fluids could be distracting or confusing, we approached this problem by establishing a strong design-driven narrative. The composition was a demanding and time-consuming process that required many artists to work for a long time to achieve the perfect movement for each shot.


    Maya, After Effects, Final Cut, Combustion, Shake

Additional Contributors:

    Directors: Toni Costa, Kal Karman

    Client: Freixenet

    Product: Cordón Negro Cava

    Production Company: boolab

    Executive Producer: Coke Ferreiro

    Producer: Bárbara Sáenz de Buruaga

    Creative Supervision: Lucas Elliot

    Music: Gerónimo Balado

    Composition 2D: Jaime Ramos, Enric Miquel, Agustín Verrastro, Guillem Bayo

    3D: Jaime Ramos, Enric Miquel

    Advertising Agency: JWT (Barcelona)

    Executive Creative Director: Álex Martínez

    Creative Directors: Rory Lambert, Carles Puig

    Producer: Diana Belmonte

Animation / Video Overview: